June 14-16, 2024

RickenBacker International Airport Columbus, Ohio

Collin Caneva

Pilot - Collin Caneva - Plane Number 43
Plane #43 - Collin Caneva

Aircraft Type: 2011 Carbon Cub SS

Aircraft Name: Doc

Collin is a passionate aviator that got first got introduced to aviation through his father, who flew a Cessna 182D. After his father sold the airplane in the 70’s, he and his dad always dreamt of the day they would replace the airplane, or even better yet, find and buy back the 182 that caused the buyers remorse. Fast forward 35 years and now Collin travels the country in, finds interesting stories and people in aviation, then broadcasts those stories for the world to hear on the show called OldGreenPlane.

Collin succumbed to the prodding of his aviation friends and in 2019 became a tailwheel pilot and the owner of a Carbon Cub (that’s called “Doc”), and has since been customizing it to make it his own and competing in events all over the country.

His love for all things aviation spans all types of flying, but backcountry flying and STOLDrag racing has become his favorite outlet. He’s a consistent top-tier competitor that is always working and practicing to improve himself as a racer, but has also been known to set the tone for the comradery and “after racing events” in the racing pits and campground.

You can’t miss his black over digital-camouflaged airplane that is sponsored by LNK (Lincoln Airport Authority), Scooters Coffee, Wayne America Fly-in and STOL, Webb Eyecare, and OldGreenPlane.

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