June 14-16, 2024

RickenBacker International Airport Columbus, Ohio

David Kerley

Pilot - David Kerley - Plane Number 43
Plane #11 - David Kerley

Aircraft Type: Just Aircraft/Highlander

Aircraft Name: Grasshopper

David Kerley is a general aviation pilot and experimental plane enthusiast. He is relatively new to big tire bush plane flying with only several hundred hours in a taildragger. David is certified as a STOLDrag pilot. He was at the inaugural MayDay STOLDrag event and training course held in May of 2021 in Wayne NE.

Event standings include:

2021   Placed 1st     Bronze Class    MayDay Event and qualified to for the Reno Air Races later that year.
2021   Placed 2nd    Bronze Class    Reno air Races – first official STOLDrag class
2022   Placed 2nd    Bronze Class     Reno Air Races - second STOLDrag event

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