June 14-16, 2024

RickenBacker International Airport Columbus, Ohio

Harry Beaupre

Pilot - Harry Beaupre - Plane Number 27
Plane #27 - Harry Beaupre

Aircraft Type: Kitfox 4

Aircraft Name: Spirit of Louis

Hometown: Dayton, NV

Harry Beaupre is 42 years old and has been flying for 23 years. He is a crane operator and commercial pilot. He has been flying Tailwheel, backcountry, and STOL for the last three years.

When he was a kid, his grandpa Louis, was building a kit airplane in the basement. Harry spent a lot of time sitting in it and imagining flying the world. Unfortunately, his grandpa never finished the plane before he died. So, when Harry built his Kitfox 4 aircraft, he named it “Spirit of Louis” because his grandpa is always riding with him in spirit.


8th Place – Copperstate
5th Place – Reno Air Races and Rookie of the Year
8th Place – Dead Cow

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