June 14-16, 2024

RickenBacker International Airport Columbus, Ohio

Rick Boardman

Pilot - Rick Boardman

Aircraft Type: Carbon Cub SS

Aircraft Name: Cessna 180

Hometown: Henderson, NE

Rick started flying in 1980 while in high school taking lessons from his dad and his business partner who owned an FBO. He got serious about flying in 1982 and building flight hours. In June of 1984, his received his limited commercial. He started Ag flying that month in a Piper Brave a few days after turning 20.

His brother, wife, and him bought out his parents business in 1989. He has owned and flown most Piper, Eagle, Thrush, and Airtractor models. He has owned and operated as many as 9 Ag aircraft and 2 Aerial Application Businesses before selling in 2010. After running the business for the new owners for a few years he started his own business flying from his private airstrip where he has a home and hanger.

In 2015 he served as the NAAA President (National Agricultural Aviation Association) and in 2015 he added his helicopter and instrument ratings in 2020, and now has approximately 12,000 TT. 2023 is Rick's 40th spray season! Current aircraft in the hangar is a 450 Stearman, Piper Super Cub, Carbon Cub SS, Cessna 185, Robinson R44, Airtractor AT-602, Airtractor 802, and 2 Airtractor AT-802 SEAT Fire Bombers.

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