June 14-16, 2024

RickenBacker International Airport Columbus, Ohio


The Columbus Air Show is pleased to provide accessibility support to attendees needing additional assistance.  Please review the following information, and if you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.


You will need a general parking pass and a handicap placard or license plate. There is no handicap parking specific parking pass.

There will be a limited number of handicap parking spaces close to the entrance gate. These spaces are on a hard surface, and they will be first come first park with a general admission parking pass and handicap placard or license plate.

If you need handicap parking, we highly recommend arriving early. Traffic and demand will increase throughout the morning. When you arrive, please alert parking attendants, show them your placard and general parking pass, and they will provide further instructions.

Show Grounds

Most of the air show is on hard surface. There are some grassy areas around the edge, but it is easily avoidable and should not impede your ability to maneuver around the show to see the ground displays and exhibits.


There will be several handicap accessible portable bathrooms located around show grounds.
In addition, if you are in a premium seating area, there will be handicap accessible portable bathrooms in those areas as well.

Mobility Aids

We will not have the option to rent scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility aids. However, mobility aids are welcome into the show.
If you are in general admission, we encourage you to bring in your own chairs, as seating in General Admission is not provided.

Premium Seating

All of our Premium Seating areas are easily accessible and are on hard surfaces. If you need additional assistance while in your seating area, please see the volunteers, who will be located throughout the premium seating areas.

Service Animals

Per ADA Guidelines, recognized service animals are permitted. However, we would advise you to take strong consideration before bringing a service animal to the event. Jet aircraft can be very loud, the airport ramp surface can get very hot on the paws and animals must be under control at all times.


Shade is limited at the show. If you cannot be in the sun for long periods, we recommend one of our premium seating areas, or bringing a small hand-held umbrella. Pop-Up tents are not permitted.

Hearing Protection

If you or anyone in your group is sensitive to loud sounds, we recommend bringing your own ear protection. While some vendors may sell hearing protection, we cannot guarantee supplies will last.

Thank you Partners!

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